Before IncNet

Before IncNet, direct marketers in Australia were frustrated by a lack of good lists for business mailing and telemarketing campaigns for the following reasons:

  • Much direct mail was wasted by being sent to the wrong person.
  • Often the only contact name available for a major company was the CEO, and this individual would be sent a continuous stream of irrelevant mailing pieces, most of which would be weeded out by gatekeepers or thrown straight into the bin.
  • Available lists were poorly maintained and data quality standards were low.
  • Unacceptable volumes of dead mail reduced campaign effectiveness, increased irritation amongst recipients, gave direct mail a “junk mail” image, and inhibited the growth of direct marketing.

This lack of choice and the low standard of available data created an opportunity for a specialist marketing database creator prepared to invest in quality and ongoing research.

1989 – IncNet’s story begins

IncNet commenced operations in Sydney with 2 staff and a database of 3,000 senior marketing decision makers.

IncNet was created to meet the demand in the Australian marketplace for accurate and relevant contacts to be used in B2B direct mail and telephone campaigns.

IncNet’s Job Folder System

The success of the first IncNet List encouraged the development of further decision maker categories and the extension of company research from major organisations down the size scale into medium enterprises.

As the IncNet database grew in depth and complexity, a unique and carefully structured Job Folder System was developed to enable effective targeting of relevant decision makers within corporate structures.

In addition, IncNet’s proprietary Industry Code and Keyword System was created to facilitate industry segmentation at the most granular level.

Our easy-to-use Quote form  sets out these Industry Codes, Decision Makers and Keywords and makes selection of your criteria a very simple process.

These systems continue to develop and keep pace with the changes within company management categories and industry segments.

IncNet Model

IncNet has developed a data quality maintenance method, known as the IncNet Model, that is based on a program of continuous and diligent research and is the core competency of the IncNet business.

Each week our data quality team researches thousands of business records, updating, amending, adding and deleting names, titles, industry codes, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, employee numbers, revenue and other important details.

We continuously research a wide range of business media and company information sources to identify company changes which could trigger an IncNet update. Every change in company data is verified by our research team before being loaded into IncNet.

Our Data Quality Statistics are published each month.

2009 – IncNet celebrates 20th Birthday

20 years down the track, IncNet has grown to a team of 28 and a database of nearly 55,000 organizations from Australia and New Zealand, and over 220,000 contacts and decision makers.

In the past two decades we estimate our two longest serving data editors have updated nearly 2 million records between them, our research team has made over 4 million telephone calls, and we have supplied approximately 220 million records for direct mail campaigns.

Most importantly, in that time IncNet data has helped customers generate billions of dollars in sales revenue, and achieve growth and prosperity for their businesses.

2014 – IncNet joins DCA Group

1st July 2014 saw the opening of an exciting new chapter in IncNet’s history when Database Consultants Australia (DCA) became the new owner of the IncNet business.

DCA’s acquisition of IncNet has joined together two of the most respected names in the data marketplace. Integrating the capabilities and intellectual property of the two businesses has broadened the range of quality data services available to the customers of both companies.

2016 – IncNet acquires Fairfax MarketBase

In March 2016 DCA acquired Fairfax’s MarketBase division.

MarketBase comprises several databases that provide comprehensive market intelligence on major businesses in Australia and New Zealand with a particular focus on IT decision makers and IT firmographics.

The acquisition of MarketBase by DCA is a natural fit for the IncNet business and creates a premier database network with considerable scale and reach, complementing our existing broad portfolio of quality data products and technologies.

2017 – IncNet today

In 28 years, the IncNet database has grown to nearly 55,000 organisations from Australia and New Zealand, with 235,000 contacts and decision makers available for selection.

Every single day IncNet data selections are dispatched to clients across the globe for use in marketing or lead generation campaigns or research projects. At the same time clients are leveraging IncNet to improve their own databases, by updating addresses, emails and contact details, verifying or updating contacts, and adding profiling firmographics such as industry, revenue and employees.

Our investment in data quality is reflected in the successes achieved by our customers. IncNet is now used by virtually every significant B2B marketer in Australia and New Zealand, and has long been the first choice for marketers of high value products and services.

In addition, IncNet is the official list of choice for ADMA, the Association for Data-Driven Marketing & Advertising, the peak marketing association in Australia.

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