Selecting data for your Marketing List can be a complex process and we recommend using the following approach:

  • Start with a broad selection criteria – it is far easier to filter your selection than to add to it
  • Get your counts early in the planning stage – achieving the perfect selection may take several revisions as well as discussion and consultation
  • Talk to your IncNet Client Services Executive – we know our data like the back of our hands and we have run thousands of selections. Perhaps there are options and ideas you haven’t considered.


Questions to ask yourself before building your list brief

How do I plan to contact my target market?

E.G. Mail, Telemarketing, Fax or Email promotion

Is my target market in a particular industry or vertical?

E.G. Construction, Insurance, Government. These are all listed for selection in our easy-to-use Quote Form, alternatively refer to our Job Folder System.

Am I targeting very specific segments within broad industries?

If so the best approach might be to use our Industry Codes in conjunction with our Industry Keywords List with over 300 keywords.

Who do I want to reach and what is their most likely job title or job function?

IncNet offers a wide range of Job Functions and Titles. These are all listed for selection in our easy-to-use Quote Form.

Where is my target market located?

You can select from:

  • Country
  • State
  • CBD vs Metro vs Regional
  • Postcodes

Is company size important?

You can select from:

  • Revenue
  • Number of Employees

Are company characteristics relevant?

You can select from:

  • ASX Listed
  • Government vs Private Sector
  • BsB vs B2C vs Not for Profit
  • Overseas Owned

Are decision maker characteristics relevant?

You can select from:

  • Gender
  • Salary
  • Job Title/Function

Artificially restrict numbers?

  • Specify the maximum or minimum number of contacts per company/address/phone number.
  • Default by Job Folder. E.G. select Marketing Decision Maker but if none available default to Senior Sales Decision Maker then Chief Executive Officer.
  • Mandate folders. E.G. Companies must have one Chief Executive Officer and one Financial Decision Maker.
  • Restrict selection to the top XXX companies by employee/revenue.

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