Don’t pay for contacts you already have in your database

Excluding previous orders

Have you received data from IncNet before? Would you like to exclude previous selections from your current order?

As a free service we can exclude earlier orders on request.

De-duplicating against your lists

We can de-duplicate or wash your order against your existing customer or exclusion/suppression lists, using the best combination of electronic tools and manual review. The cost will depend on the size of your list and type of de-duplication:

  • Company de-duplication – We de-dupe by company name. You will not receive any contacts for that company.
  • Contact de-duplication – We de-dupe by contact name within each company. You will not receive contacts you already have, but you may receive other contacts for the company.

Why should I be concerned about duplicates?

A few duplicate records won’t make much of a difference, but a few hundred will start to reduce the effectiveness of your campaign, impact your corporate image and waste your time and money.

I don’t want to lose any information that may be stored in the duplicate records.

You won’t – we can merge duplicated records, which mean you won’t lose any information you stored in your lists.


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