No more bad data!

Our client’s problem was not uncommon – excellent marketing automation tools, a good story to tell, but the database was letting the side down.

A quick match test by IncNet revealed that over 15% of the contacts were no longer employed at the company, many addresses were out of date, and companies were missing contacts and useful firmographics.

To fix up the data the IncNet team:

  • Validated correct contacts
  • Identified incorrect contacts and replaced them wherever possible
  • Added valuable new contacts for existing companies
  • Identified and flagged defunct companies
  • Updated or added revenue and employee numbers
  • Appended industry codes mapped to client’s segments
  • Supplied new prospect companies and contacts

The result – clean data and qualified leads into the sales process, better segmentation and a huge lift in marketing ROI.

Every B2B marketer’s 2017 resolution should be “No more bad data!”

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