Data Append & Append Firmographics

Many data driven marketers use IncNet to improve the quality and depth of the data in their own databases.

IncNet has a long list of fields which can be added to client customer records – number of employees, revenue and industry are often requested, plus of course contact names, email addresses and telephone numbers.

The process starts with a careful match of client company/organisation names to the corresponding IncNet record.  This will often involve a mix of electronic matching and manual brows/review. Once the match is complete, the IncNet team will provide a report to quantify:

  • records matched
  • amount and type of data that can be appended
  • contacts validated
  • contacts identified as defunct
  • new contacts to replace the defunct ones
  • any other data required

In some projects IncNet will supply contacts from the IncNet database and also custom research missing job functions to complete the required coverage.

However straightforward or complex the project, the objective remains the same – to ensure the client can use the most comprehensive and accurate data to drive business development.

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