Solutions for Marketing

If you are looking to:

  • Increase campaign response rates
  • Maximise the value of your internal database
  • Identify more prospects

IncNet can assist you to identify and reach your target audience to make your marketing efforts as effective as possible and maximise your return on investment.

Increase campaign response rates

The days of spray and pray are long gone. To maximise your response rates, your message needs to get to the right individual at the right company. IncNet can provide highly accurate and granular segmentation to allow you to profile and target the right personas at the right companies for maximum effectiveness. Data can be provided via a platform for ongoing campaigns and events, or for more tactical usage with a bespoke list.

Maximise the value of your internal database

It is extremely common that your internal customer data or CRM has inadequacies such as duplicate and inactive accounts, missing company details or segmentation fields like industry or revenue, or contact details are incorrect or empty. IncNet is able to assist restore the trust in your internal data by validating the data, verifying the information is correct and then enriching it to ensure you have the data you need to get the best out of your existing data for high-impact marketing and sales activity.

Identify more prospects

Who are your best customers and how can you find more of them?

By understanding the characteristics of your ideal customer, IncNet can help you identify look alike businesses in your target areas. If you need help describing the characteristics of your customers and contacts, IncNet can assist with data profiling to eliminate the guess work from the process. These prospects can be provided as a prospect list or made available for wider use across your company through the MarketBase data platform.

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