Make it Cheaper – Case Study

Client Industry

Make It Cheaper is Australia’s leading energy comparison and switching service for businesses. The business is dedicated to making it easier for customers to save time and money, enabling them to focus on growing their business.

Make It Cheaper provides a tailored service to help businesses understand and reduce their energy costs. Energy saving experts thoroughly check and understand the businesses energy needs, and then compare deals from a wide panel of leading Australian retailers to provide great savings.

Client Requirements

Make It Cheaper wished to identify SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) and C&I (Commercial and Industrial) industries as part of their telephone outreach campaign. Furthermore, Make It Cheaper wished to identify certain industry segments such Hospitality and Retail, that would exhibit higher energy usage.

It was imperative the data quality of both the contact details (proprietors) and key decision-makers was of the highest order to provide a seamless and productive outreach campaign.

IncNet’s Solution

IncNet was able to provide a wide coverage of data across both SMEs and mid/large corporations by matching and profiling Make It Cheaper’s existing customers and shoppers against the IncNet database. This allowed IncNet to identify the key segments based on known conversion and outcome data. IncNet was able to supply:

  • Company attributes, such as employee and revenue
  • Company contact details including proprietors and key decision makers
  • Company telephone numbers
  • Identified key segments using IncNet’s proprietary B2B industry classification (over 300 attributes)
  • Delivered two separate campaigns in a timely manner

Customer Benefits

Make It Cheaper were able to:

  • Achieve a 5x revenue return for the campaigns
  • 35% opportunity to conversion ratio for SME’s based on targeted conversations
  • Identify new prospects and educate them on the savings they could make
  • Help 100’s of Australian businesses save over $1,000 per annum off their energy bills

What our Client says

Working with IncNet has enabled us to understand our customers on a deeper level through sophisticated profiling. We used a test and learn approach to new business generation and as a result, we have significantly improved our ROI. We found the IncNet data to be of the highest quality and it’s allowed us to achieve a stronger market presence. We’ve been able to increase both the number of customers we can assist now and identify businesses that are in the market to switch and make energy savings in the future.

Chris Allin – Chief Commercial Officer Make It Cheaper

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